Student Interview: Matthew Kearins

In this interview, UOW journalism student Matthew Kearins shares his stories with us about living on Campus East, and the shenanigans he has gotten up to. Remember to watch in HD for the best quality.



Vox Pop #2: Is There Anything You Would Change About Travelling to the Uni?

I present to you Vox Pop #2, in which I asked University of Wollongong students what they would like to see change in terms of travelling to the university. Some of the answers were quite unusual. Remember to watch in HD for the best quality.


Student Portrait #3: Paul Heylin

"Just look out into the distance" "Ok, like this? "Perfect"
“Just look out into the distance.”
“Ok, like this?

Paul Heylin is currently studying a Journalism and Creative Arts Theatre double degree. Moving from America to Australian when he was twelve years old, his cultural influences have allowed him to make an easy transition into Australian society.

“I’ve lived in rural towns all my life, I’ve been in Wagga Wagga for six years.” His love for movies had made him pursue his dream for acting, leaving his family and friends to live on Campus, in hopes of getting the degree that would push him into the entertainment industry.

“Wollongong is nuts in comparison to anywhere I’ve lived before.”

Student Portrait #2 : Gabe Baer

"That looks sick! Mind if I use that as my profile picture?" "Hahaha, yeah sure"
“That looks sick! Mind if I use that as my profile picture?”
“Hahaha, yeah sure”

Gabe Baer is currently studying a Journalism and Communication & Media Studies double degree, in which he hopes to pursue his life long dream of becoming a sports journalist, maybe one day working for ESPN and covering NBA’s major stories.

“I got interested in sports journalism mostly just by watching sports, specifically basketball, I’m probably the biggest NBA fan anyone will ever meet.” His love for the sport carried through playing the game, and continues to hope for a playing future in the NBA.

“Although I aspire to be a basketball player over in the US, I feel that if that doesn’t work out, getting paid to write about it is the next best thing, and will be something I really enjoy doing.”

Student Portrait #1: Matthew Kearins

“Man, I definitely woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.”   “Great can I get a portrait then.”
“Man, I definitely woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.”
“Great can I get a portrait then.”

Matthew Kearins is currently studying a Communications and Media Studies degree majoring in Journalism. Growing up in Goulburn, Matt left his family and friends behind to pursue his passion for media, especially in the form of news journalism.

The move was a big change, but his boyish charm and overwhelming confidence, allowed him to become comfortable with his surroundings, making friends and thriving in the night life. The infamous Wednesday night, otherwise known as ‘uni night’, has become a favourite of Matt’s.

“I really need a coffee and a Red Bull, and to just mix that sh*t together.”

Calm Before The Storm


The smoke fills his lungs, the pungent smell emanating from the stick. Every one who walks by, slowly covers their mouth and nose, knowing that inhaling the toxic smoke will somehow effect their lungs.

He slowly taps the cigarette on the side of the ash tray; the ash falling into the metal pit, slowly decaying the cigarette away as it was decaying the young man’s stress.

He presses it against his lips, knowing the harm that this little death sticks carry, but thats the least of his worries. He stares down into the book, eyes wandering left to right, knowing that the storm will come.

Liquid Courage


The frosted glass pressed against his lips, the cool bitterness disturbing the dryness of his mouth. One sip turns to two gulps. The glass placed firmly on top of the mahogany bench. His tongue followed the top of his lip, ensuring that nothing was missed.

He glares down at his watch, watching the seconds hand slowly tick, the noise imperceptible to the assiduous crowd around the bar, but to him, thats all he could hear.

A sigh bellows out from under his breath, the smell of alcohol paving a path towards his classmate.

“Alright mate, finish up; we got a lecture.”