Moving Image Project (Establishing Place)

For the final MEDA101 assignment, we had the task to create a still image film, utilising audio pieces from the first assessment task and our own photography. After listening to a large variety of sound pieces, I decided to pick this one. This soundscape had a very evil vibe to it, sounding very dangerous and mysterious, which was something I tried to develop in my photography.

The photographs used in the film either have a hint of danger or mysteriousness, also utilising shade and darkness throughout the photographs to create this sense of mystery. I also tried and mess around with the camera, playing with different setting and angles. These photos are then placed in time with the soundscape at various instances. I also focused on the gaps in between the photos, as I felt that it built onto this idea of mystique.

I believe that the photos and audio work well in creating a mysterious and dangerous tone to the piece. They work well in creating a sense of place without revealing too much of the place the photos were taken.

The execution of the concept in the final piece was good, but I felt could be better with maybe taking the photos at a different time of day and using more shots with a darker shade to create more of a mysterious tone.


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