Assessment 1: Sound Project (Audio Snap-shot)

Sound has a purpose. A purpose to enhance the visualisation of what the mind is seeing, enriching the body with a variety of senses when interacting with nature. That is the approach I took to this assignment. Inspired by noise musicians such as Merzbow and Lou Reed (in particular his Metal Machine Music album), I focused on all noises that would have a purpose, not only to me, but to my conceptual piece. The different recordings I had acquired after a few visits to my location (Area 15), may have just been everyday noises and sounds, such as cars driving past or the faint noise of a lawnmower in the distance. However, when these recordings were edited through sound effects, it expressed my different ideas, such as the way sound travels through the air or how one sound can be altered in a way to be represented as something else. When these ideas came to a fruition, it had demonstrated my motive for this assignment, to give sound a purpose.



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