Serenity is not freedom from the storm, but peace amid the storm

For this group of teenage boys, their serenity is a hidden place, far away from their busy social and working lives, and hidden from the rest of the world. This place is known to them as, ‘The Huts’.

When the clock strikes midnight, this quiet location becomes a hotspot for these boys, unbeknown to most of society. To one of the boys, the huts ‘becomes an initiation’ into to this brotherhood. Its when you reach ‘a certain level of knowing the boys’, thats when you are introduced to this underground, drug fuelled serenity.

Asking another one of the boys what they got up to while at the huts, their response was straight forward. “Drugs, smoking billies and getting high.” But how did this group of teenagers stumble upon this location that is unknown to their community?

Their discovery of ‘The Huts’ came from those who had previously used the location and were passing it down to the next group of teens. “Its pretty much the same for everyone,” one boy said, “someone introduces you to the Huts, you introduce the next person and it keeps on going.” While to some of the boys, it was just another weekend at ‘the Huts’, but for another it was a new experience.

“I only found out about this place last night on the bender.” The teenager had finally reached ‘that level of knowing the boys’ and was finally introduced to this hidden location.

While some of the boys were old enough to spend their Fridays and Saturdays in the city, partying until the early mornings, some were not and used the Huts to their advantage.

“When I found out about the Huts, I was under 18 so if you wanted to go hang out on Friday or Saturday night, the huts was the place to be.”

To these boys, its what the location means to them, that makes it special. “Its just the way you’re able to make new friends, one of the boys answered, while another commented on the atmosphere. “Its just so chill and everyone loves each other” he jokingly said, the other boys surrounding him, laughing and ripping into him, “you get there and its like ‘bro give me a hug.’ ”

Its this type of drug fuelled friendly environment that provides these boys with calmness and peacefulness and to these teenage boys, whose lives are fast paced and busy, ‘the Huts’ is their serenity.


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