The Underground – Whats the Reasoning?

“When people tell you a story, it’s like they’re singing you a song. Every voice has its own musicality, its own tone and timbre. And even just a little half-sentence fragment can go in through your ear and tell you something profound about a person’s soul.” – Aaron Henkin

The particular person that I have chosen for this Assignment is one of my best friends, Les. One of the reasons I have chosen Les for this assignment, is that he has expressed his cultural background through a tattoo. See, what makes Les so different to others, is his background being both Aboriginal and Maori, and his tattoo tells a fantastic story on how he intertwines these two cultures.

We begin the interview at the Underground, the bar which is located at the University of Technology, so that the interview is somewhere where the interviewee is comfortable to tell his story of his tattoo. I hope to intertwine this with a shift in ambience, changing the ambience from a small bar crowd to a bit of a natural ambience. This change in ambience will symbolise his connection to his tattoo, one which involves nature and the environment. I hope this will display how a connection to one place (a bar) can unravel stories of connections to other significant environments.


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