The Underground Part 2

The Underground at the University of Technology Sydney is where the focus of this task will take place. There are many difficulties in recording the right sounds when situated in a bar, where there are a variety of noises that can interfere and disturb the subject being recorded. The positive aspect of recording in a bar like the Underground, is being able to pick up ambient sounds of the atmosphere, such as people talking. This ambience allows for perfect background noise, which will contribute to the context of the situation. It also gives ‘character’ to the recording, removing any background silence which might be considered ‘bland’ or ‘boring’.

There are, however, some negative aspects about recording in a public area such as a bar. Trying to record certain aspects of the bar, such as the pool table or drink pouring, is difficult if the background noise is too loud or interferes too much with the audio. In some instances, the ambient background overrides the sound that you actually want to record, meaning that to record a certain sound will have to wait until the ambience is a lot quieter or recording the sounds somewhere else.


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