All That Work for Little Return? DJ MORGANJ Proves Us Wrong

In this video, I explore the theory brought up in bcm112 about the work ethic of musicians for their little return in either currency or work, and how Italian dj MORGANJ disproves this theory. All content in this video belongs to MORGANJ, I do not own any of this content.


One thought on “All That Work for Little Return? DJ MORGANJ Proves Us Wrong

  1. Hey Dimitri! Loved this post and i admired how you presented your thoughts through a YouTube video. It was an effective way to convey the message not only through your words, but also the artists point of view. I don’t think it could have been as effective if written as a normal blog post, so well done. It is incredible how artists can create such unique content out of every day items, such as the razor or even iPhone ringtones (which was my personal favourite). It proves to the audience members that you can create anything out of nothing and become a successful content creator, as MORGANJ has shown us. I thought this video of Bruno Zamborlin at TEDxBrussels was a good addition to continue your research on this type of technology. It is incredible with what he comes up with! Great blog, can’t wait to hear more from you in the future 🙂

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