Social Media: The Audience Becomes A News Outlet


With the introduction of social media such as Twitter and FaceBook, ordinary people are becoming content providers and with our connection to technology, are being able to produce content faster than news outlets.

Twitter recently released a video in which it explores the ability that social media can provide for everyday people to produce news content faster than news outlets are able to report the event. This includes live footage, photographs or even in the moment descriptions, providing a more personal touch to the events occurring, something that a news outlet cannot provide an audience.

This in turn has seen many news outlets such as Channel Seven, NBC and The Daily Telegraph create social media accounts to ensure that they try and provide content faster, however, with social media, eliminates the need for journalism.


4 thoughts on “Social Media: The Audience Becomes A News Outlet

  1. This is very true and it is not just reporting on the news which has changed due to social media. Now you don’t need a job at a news corporation to share your view, social media allows you to post your opinions about an issue and distribute it to people all across the world. This impacts the influence of media corporations on society and introduces the prosumer to elements of journalism.


  2. This is a clever meme and I am sure it resonates with many Journalism students at UOW. It is however worthwhile remembering that although the audience is now actively engaging in the creation and publication of media content, there is still a distinct difference between citizen and professional journalism. Professional journalists operate under a specific code of ethics (see link below) whereas citizen journalists have the freedom to state claims without being held accountable. This is not to say that citizen journalists are reporting false information, just that they are not being held accountable when they choose to do so.


  3. Great work done, I do admire the work that you have put into this post. I do think that you are straight to the point, but it would be great if there were more descriptions. But overall I think it’s nice to see someone that knows their stuff, more or less. Keep up the good work and I plan to read more of your blogs in the future.


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