Jailbreaking: The Response to Android

Android’s linux based open and free platform allows for consumers to alter their devices in the way they want their device to operate. Its ability to allow the consumer to modify the code has given the user the opportunity full control of the device, unlike Apple, where the main dynamic of the company is overriding control of the user and their device.

However, their is a way for Apple consumers to have control over the device, in which the user can ‘Jailbreak’ the Apple devices. Although both Apple ‘jailbreak’ and ‘rooting’ an Android both involve ‘privilege escalation’, Android’s security gives authorisation for the installation of apps on Google that have not been reviewed or rated otherwise known as “sideloading”. Apple’s security only gives permission for Apps from the App store to be downloaded, and ‘jailbreaking’ the device can cause security issues and even void warranty.

When Apple product’s have had their security altered, often the device can become infected by a worm such as ‘iKee’ made by a 21 year old Wollongong TAFE student or similar to a worm in the Netherlands.

Although ‘jailbreaking’ an iPhone is available to the consumer, I believe that Android’s open and free platform is a much better option for an individual who likes the product to be “their” device rather than one that is overruled by a technological empire.


4 thoughts on “Jailbreaking: The Response to Android

  1. I’m so glad someone mentioned jailbreaking in response to the open/close debate! You used so many good sources to support your post and I liked the meme at the top; when I jailbroke my iPhone it didn’t work properly, not to mention the warranty was voided. Android phones being open means we can customise pur device and still receive warranty repairs from the phone company. (This is all written on my Samsung GALAXY S4 with Swiftkey keyboard app :p)


  2. The meme at the top pretty much describes how I feel about jailbreaking iPhones. Good references in the post though, I got kind of lost reading those too but I learned quite a bit.


  3. Agreeing with the comments above was great to see a comment about the jailbreaking scenario! I think one thing to consider however is that even though apple doesn’t let you have complete control over your content within your iPhone, they do release regular iOS updates in regards to what the public wants. Yes android does just allow you to take control over the open phone but not everybody is going to know how to do these things. I think that jailbreaking is quite a silly thing, unless you want to customise your phone in an impossible way, considering Apple do actually offer regular updates all the time. I did read one article today that was quite interesting about how Google and Android are trying to bring in a policy where you will have to have the standard google apps such as Google Search, Play and Youtube (check that out here http://www.cnet.com/au/news/galaxy-s6-to-let-you-remove-most-preinstalled-apps/) maybe they aren’t as open as we could all hope.


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