Our Eyes Are The Windows To The World

“Open your eyes” was a series of advertisements that came about from the teaming up of Canadian web browser Sympatico and MSN in 2008. This partnership would allow MSN to use the Sympatico web browser to provide consumers the ability to shop, interact with news from social to political and to be able to purchase and play games.

The image is an extreme close-up of an eye and has been edited to include a variety of small images such as poker cards and board games, people and shopping signs. The vibrant colours within the eye, brings the viewers attention to what is inside the eye and causes the viewer to look deeper within the eye, to see what exactly is reflected in the eye.  The viewers attention is then shifted down to the bold, white writing that reads “open your eyes” followed by three simple words that explain the purpose of the site either it be “autos, finance, news” or “lifestyle, games, shopping” . Finally, the viewer is left with the website’s URL, simplified so that the everyday person could be able to type it into the search bar, and a small mouse clicker symbolising the computer and the new reality it brings to consumers.

The connotation of the image is to reflect what the website is offering through the reflection of the eye. It’s incorporation of a variety of images ranging from poker cards to cars to sale signs, demonstrates that the website can provide almost everything that fulfils an individuals life but now in the convenience of one website. However, the variety of advertisements can be read in multiple ways, and depending on the individual’s view, allows for more than one way of comprehending the images.

My personal reading of the advertisements is the shift into the technological world. It demonstrates that everyday activities such as shopping, gaming and even watching movies was whittled down to a few websites and now has become a global powerhouse. In 2008, social networks grew such as Twitter and Facebook, meaning people could interact conveniently, and lessened the need for personal interaction. Along with these social networks came the introduction of the iPhone apps which allowed users to download these social networks and websites into convenient ways of accessing them. This almost seems like a last ditch effort by Microsoft to try and win back the market that they lost to Apple. But the advertisement does demonstrate the wonderful world of the internet to those who might not have been associated with a computer, and with the speed of internet increasing and the removal of dial up internet, increased the chances of consumers using their website for the variety of purposes it advertises.

I’d be interested to hear what many other’s think about this advertisement and how they interpret the image. Do you see it just as an advertisement? Or do you have a view that is completely different and outside the box? Comment below and tell me what you think.


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