MacBook 2015: Apple’s Risk of Failure and Its Message

Apple have been the innovator’s of the technological world, providing high quality technological products for decades, and on March 9th 2015, announced another product that may continue the Apple empire’s dominance on the electronics market with the return of the Macbook.

image: AOL

Apple have risked failure with the New MacBook’s two ports and 480p webcam, deterring most consumers from purchasing a supplementary adapter on top of the already high prices paid for the laptops and many consumers believing that the 480p webcam is a ‘joke’ when compared to the iPod Touch’s 720p camera.

The new MacBook has been made thinner (weighs 0.92 kg) and contains an “all day” battery life. Now if we explore these features through the idea of McLuhan’s “the medium is the message”, it demonstrates that the ‘message’ being put across is that this is an “ultraportable notebook”, ideal for students who use laptops for educational purposes or business people who work on the go.

Above: The ‘thinovation’ of the Macintosh continues, also note the USB-C port                                                                      image: techgage

Exploring McLuhan’s theory further, the ‘message’ also shows a new convergence towards the actual hardware of the laptop. For years, computer and laptop hardware contained a fan due to the large amounts of heat caused by the hard drive, battery etc. However, Apple have compressed the size of the hard drive and battery which in turn reduces the amount of heat produce and ultimately removing the fan, making the MacBook the first ‘fan-less’ notebook of the Macintosh range. This removal of the fan has effectively in turn, reduced the weight and size of the laptop, making it easier for Apple to get their ‘message’ of convenience and allow the consumer to easily access the “ultraportable notebook”.


2 thoughts on “MacBook 2015: Apple’s Risk of Failure and Its Message

  1. Every year Apple release a new range, it seems many people tend to criticise it harshly, very early on. I feel Apple are beginning to narrow down their collections, accessories, and their future projects to make sure there is seamless connectivity in-between their ranges and an overlap of similarities in their collections. The only thing they fail to do, which is what many people are screaming out for, is the seamless integration of external media or products without having to purchase an “extra” to make it work. Apple create this “message” of ease of navigation, simplicity, and elegance within their products – and it is this facade of Apple that encourages people to purchase their products – every single time.


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